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About Me


” I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

I was born in raised in Medford, Massachusetts just a mile north of Boston. My family mostly all come from the area and we still keep in close contact to this day. I suppose it’s nearly impossible to not grow up a baseball fan when you grew up within a stones throw of Fenway Park. Ironically I wouldn’t call myself a “Red Sox fan” by any means, but don’t tell that to my friends! What I am at the core is a guy who’s one part intellectually curious and one part passionate. You can visit my resume by going here, or you can continue reading to find out the other stuff that makes me, me.

I fell in love with marketing and social media in an indirect way. I was a music production major when I initially entered university and also made my living as a professional poker player during the ‘boom’ years of 2004-2007. Later on I started baseball writing, and having grown up in Boston, I was always blown away by the power of the Red Sox brand and how their fans love them. This led me to create my MLB Perspectives brand as a way to give my passion and experience an official feel. Once I dove into content production I wanted to know how to build a brand and market to an audience on a non-existent budget. That led me to social media and inbound marketing. Once I decided I was going to learn everything there was to know about how to market via the internet, I dove in head first and took in every webinar, book, slide show, networking event and video series.

One of the bigger concepts I have learned through my passion for marketing and social media is that there are a lot of cultures and niches to be discovered. They have a very similar appeal as travel does. Those striving for more than what immediately surrounds them. To learn about others and to join in on conversation, to discover. That’s really the part I love the most. That and discovering new technologies, apps and other fun tools excites me. In the end it’s all about communicating to people in some way or form and that’s what drives me to become as skilled as possible.

When I’m not reading, tweeting or experimenting with technology, one of my favorite things to do is to cook. I’m an avid Anthony Bourdain fan and wine lover who would enjoy traveling the world one day.


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